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Our Goals

We have identified 4 goals to focus on. These goals are where we can have the most direct impact.

3. Good Health and Well Being.

5. Gender Equality.

8. Decent work and economic growth.

13. Climate action.

Our Targets

As a company we have goals that are important to us, our team and the wider environment for all.

We are committed to making behavioural changes and adjustments to working procedures that  will result in long lasting benefits within the company and beyond.

Our focus is on four key areas initially, which will develop over time.

  • Good Health and Well being - Ensure healthy lives and promote well being at all ages.

  • Gender Equality - Achieve Gender equality and empower all women and girls.

  • Decent work and economic growth - Promote, sustain, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  • Climate Action - Take urgent action to combat climate change and it's impact.

Our journey

Jan '22 to Dec '22

Establish sustainability policy and commitment to Support the goals.

Define focus areas of attention.

Implementation of initials goals.


Jan '23 to Dec '23

Move towards carbon neutrality.

Continue to improve Gender Equality.

Development of staff..

Achieve minimum of 3 star rating.


January '24- December '24

Achieve Carbon neutrality.

Continued development of staff.

Implementation of supplier adherence of Support the Goals initiative.


Sign up to Support the Goals.

Good Health 

  • Allow allocation of time for staff for health appointments. 

  • Allowance for well being day off on their Birthday..

Gender Equality​

  • Add female representation to senior leadership team

Climate Action​

  • Base engineering team at home to minimise unnecessary travel

Achieve 3 stars on 'Support the Goals'.

Good Health 

  • Option for flexible working for  to be  added to contracts  for all staff .

Gender Equality​/Decent Work

  • 50% of all apprentice hires to be female.

Climate Action​

  • Offset fuel costs for all field operations.

  • Implement smart lighting in all offices

  • Maintain a paperless office.

Achieve 4 stars on 'Support the goals'

Good Health 

  • Implementation of volunteering days to support the global goals..

Decent Work and Economic growth

  • Training and development budgets allocated for all staff.

Climate Action​

  • Carbon Offset for all business operations. 

Achieved - Member since 8/10/21

Good Health 

  • Implemented. Over 30 appointments booked.

  • All staff received 1 additional days leave.

Gender Equality​

  • Sales director appointed on 1st October '22


Climate Action​/Good Health

  • Implemented for all distributed staff.

"Sustainability and social responsibility are always important to us at NodeOne.
Committing to 'Support the Goals'  provides  focus on specific goals and alignment to our business practices and objectives"
Phil Ward (Director)

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