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On-Demand Support

On Demand Technical Support allows you to directly access skills and expertise to support your critical infrastructure.

Our Service allows you to undertake changes, upgrade systems, troubleshoot or simply discuss future plans with a consultant.

This allows you to use the skills that you need at that point in time, for the time you need, without having to arrange a consultant 10 days in advance or schedule a change weeks in advance.

Our simple approach allows you to have peace of mind in support and change, while minimising any associated risks.


  • Direct Access to Expertise

  • Remote Telephone Support

  • Remote Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC)

  • Onsite Engineering and Consultancy

  • End of Life Review

  • Cost effective skills access

  • Initial Posture Audit

  • Defined deliverables.

  • Packages to suit demand.

  • De-risked deployments for the customer, partner and vendor.

  • Annual Peace of mind


Our service delivery and approach de-risks solution deployments for the customer by leveraging our extensive consultant's skills, certifications and experience.

Reduced risk, we plan, review and undertake your changes resulting in:

  • No unexpected outages

  • No skills gap

Adopting this service provides reduce cost of skills and improved service levels.

Immediate access to access to the skills that are require.

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